The Essential Office Chair Buying Tips

The Essential Office Chair Buying Tips

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When you go to work, whether it’s in your home office or your workplace, you need a chair that keeps you comfortable so you can be more efficient completing your tasks. With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right chair for you. Fortunately, we have provided several tips that will turn your desk into a great place to work. The following should have you in the perfect office chair in no time at all.

1. How Long You Plan to Use the Chair

One of the most important elements to consider when buying an office chair is how long you plan to sit in it each day. If you plan to use your chair for only very minimal amounts of time, you may not need an expensive chair that has many features available. If you’ll be using it for more than four hours per day, you should have a chair with plenty of adjustable features. Lumbar support is also vital, as it keeps you comfortable and helps maintain your posture so you don’t slouch as you work. Choose a chair that adjusts for height, weight and support so you can make changes throughout the day, as needed.

2. Fit of the Chair

Office chairs are “one size fits all” in a certain sense. However, it’s best to test a chair and check how your individual size affects the comfort of your chair, as there are many different shapes and sizes available to choose from. You also want one that has a height that allows you to work comfortably at your workspace, without being too low or too high. You also want to be able to rest your feet flat on the floor and the armrests should be at a comfortable height, again that isn’t too high or too low.

3. Consider the Base

The base of your office chair might not be something you think about all that often, but you should. If you work in a carpeted space, you should look for a chair that has wheels specifically for carpet, as you will have a better range of motion that way. If you have linoleum, tiled or wooden floors, stiffer wheels will keep your chair from moving around when you don’t want it to. A swivel base is also important, as it allows you to move around your office, without suffering arm fatigue or strain from constantly having to reach for needed items.


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4. Chair Materials

The fabric that covers your office chair should be breathable material so that you don’t get hot and sweaty while you work. A leather chair might feel lustrous, but if the temperature climbs, you’ll be slipping and sliding all over the place. In addition to a breathable material, your chair should have adequate amounts of cushioning in the seat and back. This ensures that you can sit comfortably for several hours.

5. How the Chair Feels

Now that you’ve been given some easy tips for what your chair should look and feel like, it’s time to start sitting in the chairs. Never buy a chair without first testing it out. When you sit down, adjust the backrest, armrests and height of the chair. You should be able to tell pretty quickly if the chair is going to work for you or not. If not, don’t settle. Look for a new chair right away. When you spend several hours each day sitting in a chair, it needs to be comfortable and ergonomic. There are many benefits to the right office chair. If you aren’t focused on your discomfort, you are able to be more productive and efficient. You won’t get as tired or stressed as you would in the wrong chair, which makes work a more enjoyable place to be. Finding the right chair might take some time and effort, but it will be completely worth it.

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